PCS34 DC Input Series Solid State Relay



Datasheet in PDF

High Power Solid State Relay
DC Input
Load Currents from 25 to 125 Amps
SCR Design Output
Optical Isolation between Input and Output


Control Voltage VDC : 4~32VDC


Dimensions Sub Type Control Voltage Load Voltage Load Current Switching Type
58.6 x 45.7 x 32.5 UL Hockey Puck Packaged Solid State VDC : 4~32VDC 240VAC, 380VAC, 480VAC, 600VAC 25, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 125 Amp Zero Crossing, Random Turn-On



Status LED Mounting Methods Weight Agency Approvals
Indicator LED Screw Terminal, Quick Connect 95g; 130g E93379



Dimensional Drawing